Back in effect! Your favorite Podcast!! With Sex Panther Beer, new
mics, recap of the Grrl Scouts Premier Party, Jane Dope's new career
path, R. Kelly is the shit, comics warped Food's mind, reading is important,
recap of the 8-Bit Party, drunk Max, we used to get wrecked, plus the
funkiest, baddest mix of music this side of the moon, baby!

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Bee #60! So nifty! Part 2 with our guest, the legendary King Gum! Snacks, more dating tips, we're not going to cry, Rachel's advice, and non-creepy cooking. Plus! Eat More Art Out, Three's Company appreciation, we're getting velour suits, Adventure Time, Black Dynamite, plus more Funk than you can shake a freakin' honeycomb at! Production & Instrumentals by Sir Froderick. 

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59 in the Hive! The Bee welcomes our special guest Dave Crosland aka the King Gum! Learn the secrets of cooking and seduction from the master! Breakfast nooks, clean towels, spices and seasoning... all that. Plus, cooking goes a long way, drinkin' at Good Times, working in animation, missed flights, and more funk than you can shake a stick at, yo! Production and instrumentals by the man Sir Froderick.

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58 Funk Flavor! The belated Jane Dope B-Day show! Reliving the Hollywood Cemetery's fun tripfullness, talkin' Body Count, Erick gets faded and re-scores The Shining, Comic-Con plans, our old fan, and so much more! Instrumentals and production by Sir Froderick.

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57 up in this! The mystery and magic of Food One's new couch! Plus, the annoying French girl, Jane Dope's sleepless nights, visiting James St. James, a surreal meeting with Hip Hop royalty, the joy of public transportation, Paul can fix anything, social media is spying on us, and more Funk and flavor than you can shake a fuggin' stick at! Instrumentals and production by the one and only Sir Froderick!

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A new Era for the Beat Bee! Food One & Jane Dope welcome Sir Froderick to the Beehive as our official Producer/Sound Engineer/Master Technician! It's fully on!! Plus...a quick recap of EYAO, day drinkin' with Danny McBride, secrets of the Magic Castle, Mike's sativa, The Audi Party recap, talkin' to Dam-Funk, love/hate Philly, Jane Dope and underground Hip Hop LP covers, Plus so much more!! Instrumentals by Sir Froderick. 

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Super-star artist/guest DJ Mike Huddleston joins us in the beehive this episode!! Learn the secret history of 40oz Comics!  Learn of Mike's thrilling adventures from Paris to LA! Plus, Jane Dope's secret dating test for potential cool girlfriend-type girls, weird people at the bar, a wonderful gift from Paul, headshots at Target, major secrets are revealed, the Jodeci pinata, St. Louis public school gangster shit, Mike's first pair of jeans, and so, so much more! Instrumentals from LA legend Zeroh.

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Our 4 year anniversary show!!! An all new era of Funk!! Meet Nessie, the new microphone! A new Bee Hive! Finger foods! Learn the secrets...hear the excuses why we haven't done a show in awhile, crockpot cooking, don't chew during the podcast, re-cap of the Art Show and Smash Party, Jane Dope's new wine phase, Steddy P & DJ Mahf's new video, guest stars galore, and so much more!! Instrumentals by Mums The Word - Texture

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A very special Halloween Spook-tacular Funktastic Journey into Terror with Food One & Jane Dope! The Beat Bees welcome the deadly DJ P into the studio where he throws down one super special frighteningly dopeass Live Mix of Fright!! This is so great!! Also! Jane Dope's dad's taste in horror movies revealed, the Shark Show, Food's classy new greeting cards, the true story of the haunted hotel, The Shining's dramatic effect on Dan Z, EYAO's new formula, the date gone wrong, and so much more! Instrumentals from RJD2 aka The Horror.

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It's the World's Favoritest Podcast! The Funkiest! This is the big Comic-Con recap show, with stories and situations galore! Plus, broken Columbian run bottles, LL Cool Jane's new job, high quality 99 cent store dvds, the important new weed app, whiskey will cure your sore throat, we love sleep, magic hangover burritos, a super awkward stop and chat, and so much more!! Instrumentals: The Return of the Magnificent - DJ Jazzy Jeff
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